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New 2008 Features:

  • Vista Support
  • Presenter Support

Version 2008.1 now supports Windows Vista and hand held wireless presenters. The wireless presenter features allows the user to control the display of photos using any standard wireless presenter.










Are you one of the 200 million people in the world that bought a digital camera in 2007? Looking for photo sharing slideshow software to share your pictures with family and friends? If so, you definitely need Digital Photo Slide Show. Sharing and viewing digital camera photos in a slide show software format with friends and family has never been easier. Your photo sharing can be done as a stand alone slide show, screen saver slide show or web slide show on the Internet. Sharing photos on a CD-ROM slideshow is easy. The software includes a utility that will help you create a slide show that starts automatically when your CD-ROM is inserted into the computer. You can even create a single file installation program that will install your slide show automatically. Are your friends computer illiterate? Digital Photo Slide Show makes it so easy to view photos a monkey could do it.

Not only is the software easy to operate, it creates professional results. You can create custom software slide shows with over 120 transition effects for a professional looking presentation of all sorts of photos and images. Configuration is easy. Simply select the directory where your photos reside and start the software slide show. It can be run from a hard disk, CD-ROM or even a Zip disk.

Still not convinced. How about a free slide show software download that will allow you to make free software slide shows for 60 days. You can create slideshow software of your favorite photos that can be shared with all your friends. Best of all, you can distribute your slideshow software royalty free. Digital Photo Slide Show is more than slide show software. It includes a slide show screen saver, wallpaper slide show, CD-ROM slide show producer, software slide show installation producer and an HTML slide show producer that can create a JavaScript slide show of your favorite photos or simply a page of thumbnails that link to the full image.

What an incredible value. You get seven different photo sharing programs for $19.95. Look around. You will not find a better performing software suite at any price, much less for $19.95.


  1. Control Center
  2. Slide Show
  3. Screen Saver
  4. Wallpaper Slide Show
  5. CD-ROM Autorun Slide Show Producer
  6. Installation Program Producer
  7. Digital Photo Resizer
  8. Web Slide Show

System Requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista. 8 MB hard disk space. Sound card and speakers for music.

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